Who are we?

Our everchanging World makes it mandatory to be able to constantly adapt ourselves to its changaeble conidtions. The idea of longlife learning (LLL) is rooted exactly in this need. Thanks to still developing forms of educations, such as postgraduate studies, trainings, workshops and specific courses, as well as The University of the Third Age, one is given chance to keep up with the present day.

We wish to spread the idea of LLL from the very early stage of education when the young one acquires not only certain knowledge, but also particular habits which then become part of their adulthood. IRSE Foundation wishes to root the idea of LLL deep within the Polish society through cooperation with educational institutions in cities and villages, and through executing educational projects together with other non-governmental organizations. Our hopes lie within business as well, especially the kind of business specialised in the modern technologies that can be adapted for educational purposes.

Our mission

Foundation Institute for Socio-Economic Balance (IRSE) aims for creating conditions supporting developement of unformal education and spreading the idea of lifelong learning.

The Foundation makes its goals come true through educational actions orientated towards stimulating the growth of social and civil activity of all social groups and institutions working in this zone.

Our activities

1. Organization and financing of:

- meetings, workshops, trainings and educational activity;

- centres of information, experience exchange, consultancy, advice and support for non-governmental organizations and civil initiative;

- concerts, displays, festivals, conferences, seminars, get-together meetings, radio and TV programmes;

- publishing activity;

- research activity;

- contests and scholarships;

- international youth exchange,

- mass event organising.

2. Cooperation with governmental institutions and non-governmental organizations from Poland and abroad which actions lie within frameworks of the Foundation's activity, natural and legal persons and civil initiatives showing interests in the Foundation's goals;

3. Supporting the idea of local authorities and local developement, strengthening of the 3rdsector and employement within the sector of social economy;

4. Organising holiday for children and the youth;

5. Initiating different forms of mutual aid integrating youth, family and school cummunites with the goal of minimizing social dangers;

6. Initiating and support of cooperation of science and business;

7. Promotion and support of micro-business;

8. Comprehensive support of entrepreneurship;

9. Usage of Internet, film, multimedia and other modern and innovative measures in our activities;

10. Support of other legal and natural persons carrying out activies covering with goals of the Foundation.