Our Team:

Ewelina Ławecka a graduate in sociology and pedagogy in the University of Gdańsk. After having graduated, she has been coordinating actions of job placement office for volunteers working within the Volunteer Centre in Gdańsk. Her duties there included training potential volunteers and their supervisors. Later on, she took on a post of a sociologist's consultant in Social Welfare Centre where she has been preparing and implementing its plans of actions. She returned to the Volunteer Centre after one year and continued to gain experience in managing a non-governmental organization as well oversaw the preparations for Volunteer Ceremony in Gdańsk. In 2007 she performed a function of an inspector in a team of social suport for disabled people, where she evaluated applications and prepared contracts within the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled People. In November 2007 she began to work for the Province Mashal's Office of Pomeranian Voivodeship as Coordinator in Team of Information Technical Service. In IRSE Foundation, aside of management, she takes care of promotion and projects stimulating local community.

Contact: e.lawecka@irse.pl

Katarzyna Błasińka - a graduate in international studies and history, specialised in history of system and parliamentarism. She has been working as a project coordinator, animator and trainer for many years. She prepared and lead trainings and workshops in civil and intercultural education, about rights and situation of national minorities in Poland, Europe and World, human rights, fighting prejudices and discrimination as well as on historical and politological subjects. She was a local animator in Centre of Support for Local Activity of Pomerian Voivodeship, where she was responsible for creating areas of cooperation for local organizations involved in environmental work in the region. A former volunteer of EVS in Lviv. After her return, she was a coordinator and a mentor for volunteers from many other countries, e.g. from Turkey, France and Germany. She is experienced in working in international environment (e.g. Egypt, Germany, Ukraine) and in establishing intercultural contacts. In IRSE Foundation she is responsible for international projects and global education.

Contact: k.blasinska@irse.pl

Anna Sutor - a graduate in pedagogy in Academy of Physical Education in Cracow. Back during her studies she worked as an animator of educational a intercultural games and activities organized for children and youth from the city and village. She has been a trainer and tutor in the youth camps in Poland while she worked for Chris company from Warsaw. Within the framework of her voluntary work she took care of a mentally disabled person from a Saint Brother Albert Social Welfare House. A member of societies such as Klika, AKTK Bystrze, „Wędka” from Toruń. She worked with chilren from disfunctional and pathological families, the eldery and lonely people. She is interested in the subject of social exclusion, stereoptypes, hate speech and life of immigrants and national minorities in Poland. An avid lover of folklore and ethnography of Podhale region. She owes her rich knowledge about the region's dialect and local customs to her family tradition that was passed from generation to generation. A local activist in folklore band Siekiernica, with which she upholds the traditions of the region and stimulates the youth and the eldery to gather for creative meetings. Co-organiser of winter-folk ski run held annually since five years in Spytkowice.

Contact: a.sutor@irse.pl